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  • Muchachos Buenas tardes Hace mucho que no uso la tarjeta, pregunta rapida, siguen todas las restricciones aun? Es decir no se puede cargar la tarjeta ni desde paypal ni desde trajeta de credito de argentina, verdad?
  • Hi David, it´s been a week since our last contact, did you have a chance to read this? Cheers Sebastian
  • Dear David That is not possible within the Lionbridge payment options, the payment comes from Ireland usually so is pretty standard that they ask for a SWIFT code, can you please contact the company so both companies can get into the same page? It would solve a lot of issues, also you can see this post has a lot of…
  • RonnyZ Gracias! Al fin alguien que responde con un poco de sentido. El problema que estoy teniendo es que de Lionbridge me exigen un SWIFT code porque dicen que su pago parte desde Irlanda, por lo tanto el SWIFT seria necesario. Hay alguna posibilidad que ustedes se contacten con ellos, ya que ellos niegan haber hecho…
  • El de Lionbridge, la empresa a la cual le presto servicios.
  • bump so you can solve this issue along with others
  • Buenas, Hoy llego mi tarjeta y en teoria deberia haberme llegado el pago, queria aprovechar este espacio para preguntar si alguien presta servicios para Lionbridge Technologies y cobra por aqui y para preguntarle a Rodrigo que debo hacer para poder cobrar Lionbridge por Payoneer ya que me sigue pidiendo SWIFT code, El…
  • My card has just arrived, as feedback i would like to let you know that it was expected on January 21-25 and it arrived 4 days earlierm which is great. Too bad that Lionbridge cannot use Payoneer to pay me so i won´t be able to use the money during my stay in europe. Just wanted to let you know.
  • Dear David: Lionbridge is a well known company that provides work at home opportunities. It is listed in their site that they only make payments via wire transfer, how can they be a Lionbridge Partner if you cannot receive a payment from them by using Lionbridge? I am really dissapointed with you guys as i asked previously…
  • Hi again David, I am confused, please try to solve this issue for me. Today i received this email from lionbridge, one of the companys that Payoneer says that youcan receive payment from. Hello Sebastian, We tried to process payment to you on the 11th January 2013 however the payment failed as you did not supply us with a…