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  • Update! There is another phishing email going around today requesting that you click a link to change your info and verify your information. We will never send you an email with a link to change your information. This email, as previous ones, had a link that did not connect to Payoneer.com. As we have previously mentioned,…
  • Hi Timestamp, I have sent you the questionnaire for the US Payment Service. :-)
  • Hi Kravik, The way the US Payment Service works is that it can only receive payments from US companies. SInce this particular payment method is not from the US, it involves changing the service. I cannot give a timeframe, I"m sorry, because I honestly don't know how long it will take. Unfortunately, I need to advise that…
  • Hi Dipole, If it's been over 6 weeks, which is clearly has been, please contact our support team so they can send you a new card. They will confirm with you that the address we have on record is indeed your shipping address.
  • Hi Ander, Can you please post the payment ID here so I can check for you? Thanks
  • Hi Diyar, Please give that form to your bank so they can trace the payment on their end. The documents we sent you show that we sent the payment to your account.
  • Hi Vic, Thanks for your feedback. While we are looking into doing payment processing in the future, this isn't something we have ever done (collect money from purchases for our users). The purpose of the Payoneer card is to receive payments from our partners/sponsors, not to accept payments for services/products rendered.
  • It's absolutely OK - I completely understand your frustration 100% - this is your money we are talking about. I promise we are sincerely trying to solve this as quickly as possible.
  • Had we known about this ahead of time, we would have never had this problem. Since we have received hundreds of payments from Apple, Inc., there was no way for us to know that they payments were being sent from an additional account (which is what happened in this case). I know it's no consolation, but the vast majority of…
  • Hi guys, We are, of course, aware of this issue, and we are working hard to get it resolved. Just to be clear, Apple pays in several different ways and we HAVE been receiving payments from Apple, Inc to the new US Payment Service accounts. We weren't aware that there were payments from Luxemberg - we only found out…
  • Hi Croutisse! I'm happy you're interested in partnering with us. I am going to email you and see how we can take it from there. We have full support in Hungarian, so that will be good for your users. We don't have a sales person who speaks Hungarian, but we do have a staff member (not support) who does, so she can call you…
  • Yes, you can receive a payment from a different company, but it has to be one of our partners, not just any company. Only then will you be able to receive payments from any Visa or MasterCard.
    en Card Activation Comentario por Talia enero 2012
  • Unfortunately, these matters are out of our control. If this were a matter of having our own departments take care of it, we could run around and make sure it was done, but not when it's something on the outside. I completely understand your frustration - I would feel the same way for sure (I just work at Payoneer so I…
  • Hi Ikram, There are no pending payments in your account - your customer hasn't loaded your card. Did you receive an email from us that a load was made? Either way, you need to begin receiving payments from one of our partners before a customer can privately load your card.
  • Hi Russell, In issues of forgotten passwords, secure questions, and anything regarding personal information, the requests have to go through our security department. While I don't doubt your specific authenticity, in general anyone's email can be hacked to request to have passwords reset, etc., so when we know it's…
  • First of all, I am very sorry for your poor experience with our chat. Yes, the 28th is the weekend, and no, our support doesn't always work on Saturdays (I'm not sure if we do today or not - I don't go to the office on Saturdays), but the dates that we generally give out are the dates we are given by the processor. Either…
  • Could you please give me your ticket ID? Starts with LTK. If you've already opened a dispute, it takes a few months for MasterCard to finish reviewing everything. Even when we are delayed, you should receive an answer within 3 business days. Please post your ticket ID (or send it to me by PM) and I will check for you.
  • Hi Taki, We don't currently offer loading your card through any bank accounts, sorry. Once you have begun to receive payments from one of our partners, you will be able to load your card through any Visa or MasterCard.
  • Hi guys, If the number was wrong, the funds may bounce back. I have passed this on to our payments department so we can place a trace and we will be in touch via email.
  • On the other hand, you can check with your partner that you get paid through and see if they offer our Local Bank Transfer Service, and instead of receiving payments to your card, you can receive them directly to your bank account.
  • Hi, YOu can use your card to withdraw funds from any ATM in the world that accepts MasterCard debit cards (including Pakistan) and use it anywhere online and offline that MasterCard is accepted. Once you begin receiving payments from our partners, you can also load your card through any internationally-accepted Visa or…
  • Hi Marcelo, You can connect your existing card to any of our partners, Plimus includes, to reactivate your card. ClickBank isn't one of our partners, so you can only get paid by them through the US Payment Service (formally VA), but Plimus is definitely one of our partners, are are many other freelancing sites. You can…
  • Hi PeterPaul, The first solution that Nissim offered you is the best for you. Log in to your Freelancer account and choose Payoneer as your payment option. Then, instaed of registering for a new card, you can link your Plimus card to your Freelancer account. You can see the step by step directions here:…
    en I Need A Favor Comentario por Talia enero 2012
  • Hi guys, Here's the updated white list as of today: AirBNB Alamy Inc. Amazon.com Inc. (and its subsidiaries, including CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC.) AOL Apple Inc. Barnes & Noble Bright Market LLC Digital River Inc. (and its subsidiaries, including SWReg) E-Trade Financial Corporation Facebook Inc.…
    en Us Payment Service Comentario por Talia enero 2012
  • Hi Ignat, Could you please email our CTO at Yaniv at payoneer.com? He is organizing it. Thanks!
  • Also, please note that the old VA numbers no longer work and have not been active since December 30, as our previous emails and announcements mentioned. Please change your account info on PayPal to your new account info that you can find under My Account - Service - Virtual Account to make sure future payments arrive…
  • Hi Hammad, Since we just switched banks as part of the upgrade of the program, we had suspended reviewing new applications for the past few weeks to make sure the transition went well. We just started reviewing applications again, but we are reviewing them in the order in which they were sent, so people who sent us message…
    en Us Payment Service Comentario por Talia enero 2012
  • By the way, you can also receive payments from CreateSpace to the VA since it is part of Amazon.
  • Hi - welcome to Payoneer!! ACH transfers are bank transfers, so they can't be instant by definition. While these transfers can take up to 2 business days, usually they appear the same day or the next one, depending on the time that the transfer was made. When your partner sends the payment, Payoneer sends it out to your…
  • Hi Golam, You can only apply for the VA once you have had at least 3 partner payments over 3 months. You need to first apply for the card through a partner that you plan on working with, and then once they have paid you a few times, you can apply.
    en Us Payment Service Comentario por Talia enero 2012
  • Hi, I'm sorry you weren't contacted. I'm not sure why. I am PMing you now.
  • Hi Marius, I have passed this on to a supervisor - again, I am really sorry for your bad experience, but I promise your preauth is about to expire and the funds will be automatically available again for you.
  • You can email yaniv at payoneer.com (he's the CTO). Nissim and I don't really know the dates, etc. on this program since it isn't directly related to us just yet, but Yaniv will answer any emails about this.
    en Payoneer Sdk Comentario por Talia diciembre 2011
  • You are very welcome. I promise I am on it. (It's the weekend and I'm not at the office or home, so it's a bit harder, but I promise I haven't forgotten).
  • Hi Sabbir, Under your options on the forum, there is a way to elect to receive emails. I personally have it off because I check the forums all the time, but I know Nissim likes having them - it's possible you turned off the option when you signed up.
  • Welcome to the Payoneer forums, elhachemi! Happy new year.
  • Hi Nikola, That's really cool! We actually have a new in-app SDK and are looking for beta testers. If you're interested, please contact our CTO Yaniv at yaniv at payoneer.com so he can give you more information.
  • Live chat is on now, actually. It's from 5 am EST to 5 PM EST, generally speaking, though sometimes we are open longer. You can get to it here: http://www.payoneer.com/contactUs.aspx
  • Hi Marius, I'm really sorry for you being sent around so much. Indeed, preauthorized transactions are released within 7 business days, and we can only do it ourselves with the official consent of the merchant. however, you really shouldn't have received the same answer over and over again. Your funds will be released…
  • Hi, It can typically take around 2 business days for our team to answer an email, but we have live chat that you assist you immediately. Could you please post your ticket ID here so I can check for you?
  • It's $20 per year and 2% of whatever you transfer through it, regardless of what partners you have signed up with.
  • I'm almost positive that yes, checking - the original FAQ email you received when you signed up for the VA should have that listed.
  • Replying to the last email would be best.
  • Hi! I'm happy you're interested in this program. I'm not exactly sure about the details, but if you email our CTO at Yaniv at Payoneer.com he can answer all of your questions. Thanks!
  • Hi everyone, Just reminding you to check your email, the new VA numbers are ready. You can read about it on our blog too: http://bit.ly/rUWLQa
  • Hi, You received an answer yesterday - your payment has been canceled and should be returned to you within a few days.
  • Hi Val I passed on your ticket ID to a support manager, you will be contacted soon. Thanks!
  • Hi Cancur, Could you please PM me the ID too? Thanks.
  • Hi! You don't need to receive 3 payment from a single partner, just 3 payments from any of our partners over a 3 month period, if possible. If it's OK with you, please wait to receive a payment in January, and then apply for the VA. Let us know when you have. We don't currently issue Visas, only MasterCard, but if we do in…
  • Probably not - to reactivate it you would need to receive a payment from a partner.
  • Hi! The Payoneer card is currently only in USD, so when you transfer funds to a friend, it will be transferred in USD as well. If you can transfer funds to a local card, then the bank where the other card is will convert the funds to local currency with their own foreign exchange fees. Please let me know if this was clear…
  • You can request from the support rep to order you a new one to be sent by DHL and they will verify your shipping address. You'll get your card, don't worry
  • Also, our transfers are up to $9.95, they are nowhere near $50.
  • You will be able to = before we send a new card, we verify the shipping address. Have a great holiday!
  • You're welcome. He told me that he's already contacted you.
  • There isn't anything wrong with Moneybookers, but we cannot add them to the VA whitelist. I'm really sorry. Regarding ShutterStock, they never said they don't want to work with us. We actively try, but it seems they don't want to, and the proof is all the threads on their own forums asking for us. You and your friends are…
  • Hi Yuri, I don't think we can add them to the white list, but we do want to try to sign them as a partner. David will be contacting you soon.
  • They don't have ACH transfers? We thought they do.. in which case PayPal would be enough anyway... Sorry. There's nothing we can do here, you know, we would love to work with them, but it isn't up to us.
  • Hi everyone! I just wanted to let y'all know that we have added Barnes & Noble (PubIt) and AOL to the white list for the new Virtual Account, so you can continue to get payments from them as usual. Thanks for your patience!
  • Hi Mr.Zet! Could you please email our CTO Yaniv: yaniv at payoneer.com? He's running the project and will be able to give you more details. Thanks!
  • Thanks, and nice to meet you! What sites do you work with?
  • Hi, The card to card transfer service is offered to all of our partners, but they decide if they'd like to enable it. oDesk has chosen not to enable C2C, but you can contact them and see if they change their mind. Sorry, but our partners decide what services they'd like enabled or not.
  • Well, we aren't working with Shutterstock, we're doing our best to add them to the white list for the Virtual Account. About Fotolia - not yet. Please email me at taliakl at payoneer.com so we can talk
  • Hi, I see you spoke with Melissa on live chat and this has been resolved already, correct?
  • Hi Spider, There's no need for you to get a new card for 2CO. You can connect your 2CO account to your oDesk card. You can read the directions here on our blog: http://blog.payoneer.com/?p=41 Enjoy!
  • Yes you can - just log in to My Account - Tools - Edit Profile to change your email address and phone number.
  • Hi Cardoza, We will be updating on our blog, the forums, and our social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter). If you're around, you'll see.
  • Of course not, as long as you have already been receiving partner payments :-)
  • Yup, it was full - sorry. Try again :-)
  • Hi Jean, Do you mean to be a partner that pays users, or application for a card? Please send me your email address by private message and I will check for you.
  • I'm pretty sure it's going to load on time.
  • Hi Cardoza, I'm happy you're interested in the Virtual Account! To apply, you just need to contact us through the contact form, yes. Generally speaking, we require 3 payments from a partner over a 3 month period to be able to apply, but I see you already have that, so you're good to go. You can apply now, but we aren't…
  • Since you've already performed the load, it will most likely be on your card by December 20, but no, there isn't a way to expedite it, sorry.
  • Ha, you're welcome. My inability to sleep works well for Payoneer :-)
    en Lbt Comentario por Talia diciembre 2011
  • I spoke to the support supervisor, and she's having someone answer you now. We can do it for you but you need to know we won't be able to switch it back later. Anyway, you should be emailed soon for verification. :-)
  • Hi SPiderman! The LBT is a great service, but you can't have both the card and the LBT for the same partner. If you would like to switch from the card to LBT, please contact our support team (it also depends on whether or not your partner offers it). About the VA, we aren't reviewing applications for the next week or so…
    en Lbt Comentario por Talia diciembre 2011
  • Hi Tanmoy, The virtual card is only offered to users by partners that elect to have the virtual card. We can't have two separate cards assigned to your account. It's a pretty new feature, so I don't know the exact costs, and of course it would differ by partner, but it's never in addition to the physical card, it's only…
  • It will be, and it shouldn't be a problem after that either. :-)
  • Hi Tanmoy, I think you should be able to switch it back. I will check.
  • You're welcome :-)
    en Atm Errors Comentario por Talia diciembre 2011
  • We will probably be sending out the new account numbers at the beginning of next week. We know it takes a bit of time for everyone's systems to update, but don't worry, the old number will still be functional for anything sent before the switch was made. We'll have specific instructions once we send it out, don't worry. We…
  • You should. We have gotten more than one partner signed by their users requesting us.
  • Thanks for the heads up - we definitely are checking, though our system shows that it was sent. We will check again.
  • Hi, This is discussing the threshold, not the payment method. Either way, like we mentioned earlier, we won't be changing the accounts today or anything, we were just giving you advance notice about the change that we will have.
  • Re: Alamy - we are apparently already talking to them, but it would be great if you were to contact them and request us (and anyone else that you know who would like a deal with Payoneer). Re: Fotolia - same. We have contacted them already, but haven't heard back, so for now, nothing, sorry. Make noise and have your…
  • Hi Reamie, What happened is that the payment you received on your card isn't a partner payment, so your card wasn't actually activated. I had our support team activate it for you, though, and it should work properly now.
    en Atm Errors Comentario por Talia diciembre 2011
  • As Nissim mentioned, the answer is generally no, but you would have to talk to the payments department. please reply to the ticket you have with them so you can resolve it there. Thanks!
  • Hi Juan Landa, Unfortunately, we do require the 3 partner payments to be able to send you an application. Once you have received at least 3 payments over a 3 month period, please contact our support team.
  • Hi Daddy Bit, I will look into us working with them. Do you knwo anyone at the company that you could introduce me to so we can talk to them about becoming a partner?
  • OK, I checked, and WE did send you the message on My Account too (we can see in our system that it was displayed in your account). I just spoke to the people in charge and we are submitting a request to add B&N to the list. I don't know how long it should take, but we don't really foresee any issues since it's a large…
  • This was precisely the heads up/notice we are giving. We haven't shut down the accounts, and we didnt' say that it was going to be this week. It's precisely to give you the time to take care of it. I am going to ask to have B&N added to the list as well, of course I can't make any promises. Can PubIt pay you through…
  • Hi, First of all, I"m sorry that you will have problem with the VA. Most of our users actually won't be shut down, but what I"d like to suggest is that you contact the email address that we listed on the email and let them know what you get payments for, and perhaps they would be able to reconsider. We aren't canceling the…
  • Hi, First of all, I"m sorry that you will have problem with the VA. Most of our users actually won't be shut down, but what I"d like to suggest is that you contact the email address that we listed on the email and let them know what you get payments for, and perhaps they would be able to reconsider. We aren't canceling the…
  • Hi, The auto reply didn't close the ticket, you will still get an answer from our support team, don't worry.
  • You will have ZERO problems over the next couple of days. We don't have the final date yet, we are exactly trying to give you as much advance notice as we can. As for the rest, it is very important for us to make sure that when we ask everyone to swtich, they switch, but the chances of your payments bouncing immediately…
  • I just checked our system and we indeed sent you the email. Please check your junk mail as well. I have already notified the people in charge that they may be a problem with this period of time,s o we are already checking to see what we can do to avoid any problems happening.
  • Hi, Yes, you are right that we are going to have new restrictions that we didn't have before, on the other hand we also had lost payments, missing payments, and problems with our bank that we won't have now. Almost all of the payments sent to the VA (over 95%) are still covered by our white list, and we can always try to…
  • I don't have an exact date yet about the switch, but we won't be emailing you the day before. (On the other hand, it won't be a month before, either). If there's any way for you to delay the payment to the next cycle (a lot of companies let you choose), then that would probably be the best choice. In many cases, like…
  • I understand. I am passing on this information to the people in charge, but let's hope it won't be a problem. If you know it takes a while to change the number there, I would suggest waiting for the next payment period to cash our your CS payments. (The worst that will happen is that it will be sent back to CS, so you…

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