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  • It's ok, but mind that your answers (or Justine's) have been more helpful to me than anything I've had as a response via chat or email. So, after all, official or not, I get more information when I post here than anywhere else. The payment was done on September the 3rd, so if Payoneer didn't receive it and you can confirm…
  • Hey Nissim! How are you doing man? I just saw you decided to close my previous thread as if it was all good and things were on rails and about to get resolved. Well, guess what? It's been almost a month and I have ZERO news on where MY money is. You understand that, right? That the money is mine and not Payoneer's? I need…
  • The details of the payment are in my previous post, and the payment reference number is PA0140903023549
  • Gente, tengo un pago que me hicieron el 3 de Septiembre y aún no figura en ningún lado. Ya me quejé acá, por mail y por chat y lo único que me dicen es que el departamento de pagos está revisando el pago. El pago, como todos los meses, proviene de la empresa para la cual trabajo. Alguien sabría decirme cómo hacer para que…
  • Si a mi me dijeran: "tarda hasta 60 días en acreditarse pero tarde o temprano lo tenés en tu cuenta", a mi me permitiría organizarme y decidir si quiero o no usar el servicio. Pero esto de no tener LA MÁS REMOTA IDEA de dónde está tu plata y si alguna vez te la van a dar o no, es preocupante. Más preocupante aún es ver la…
  • Well then I guess they should be contacting me next monday at most. I don't even know where I get these hopes from. I once had a payment that took about 7 days to appear in my account, but the last 5 days it appeared as "waiting for approval". It concerns me that this one was made on 03/09 and not a sign on where my money…
  • I would have expected to be contacted already. I need an explanation. I chose this service because it's my best alternative to get my payments from my job, but it's taking very long this time and I need to know what is wrong or what kind of information do you need from me. I'm willing to share with you all of the…
  • Thanks for responding Justine, as you always do. I've also sent this through the "contact us" section but given that I had not response yet I decided to create this post here. I hope the department will contact me soon to resolve this. It's the first time it takes this long without news about the payment.
  • Thanks for clarifying this Justine!
  • I think I'll clarify here: the reason I want to do that is to have a higher limit to withdraw money daily (two cards)
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