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  • nuritless2
    Payoneer quit pioneer ,check my previous posts why
    December 10
  • Ganzorig

    Hi Adam? I need your help. I ordered debit MasterCard by online 2 months ago from Mongolia. Then they mailed me it is gonne be 1 month to come to Mongolia but it’s already passed 2 months and I still haven’t received my card. So what should i do ? If u have a chance to check it, Can you check it for me? Thanks

    December 9
  • ErmalHK
    Hi Adam, I've stucked here for days trying to figure it out why Payoneer doesn't accept my SWIFT/BIC code for Kosovo even that I type it right?!

    Do I have to choose another country or how it works because every other field is filled on the right way?!
    November 30
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Ermal,

      This does sound odd as Kosovo is a supported country by Payoneer's service. I highly suggest you contact Payoneer Support to raise this issue so they can follow up with you and assist you with your application.
  • rajeshpoudel

    Hello my name is rajesh . I had send request to get my master card . But till now I didnot get my card and shipping date too . What I had to do can you tell me
    Thank you

    November 21
  • asismgr01
    My client, transferred me payment via Payoneer Mastercard and It's been 5 days my payment still pending, it shows missing information on payment status. Payoneer customer care emails me to show my funding resource and I replied Payoneer email showing my funding resource but Payoneer hasn't responded yet. My payment is still pending, is it normal???
    November 21
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi there,
      Payments received thought the Billing Service undergo a short review process. At times during the review, additional information will be required in order to validate the payment and line of service associated to it.

      If you already received an email from Payoneer in regards to it, please communicate the required information to them so they may proceed in the review and approval of the payment.
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    November 6
  • vab
    October 31
  • mhamedzerig
    I was freezing my money for about $ 42 because of a purchase from the site and the request was refused. When I called them to retrieve my money they told me on 16/10/2017 you return automatically and have not returned yet and you need it
    Customer identity: 22429485 :'(
    October 16
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi there,

      If you are experiencing any transaction related issues with your Payoneer MasterCard, I ask that you contact support so they may review the case and assist you with it.
  • ahsanmg887

    Hi @Adam_Payoneer
    I am facing a problem in my payoneer account that "Recieve" service is not available in my account. I want to recieve payments globally but its not available in my account. Kindly guide me what to do now. And what are the requirements to enable this service. Thankyou in advance

    October 12
    • Adam_Payoneer

      If you are unable to locate the payment receiving features in your account, they may have been disabled either due to a long duration of inactivity or a payment you received in the past went against the T&C.

      You need to contact Payoneer support to see if the payment receiving options can be enabled for your account.
    • ahsanmg887
      How to contact with payoneer support?