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  • AbuBakar123
    I just face very dangerous problem... I was sent payment request last 3 times but i see all times shown up waiting for approval and then after 1-3 business days payoneer update me cloud not be procced! and payment request got rejected! But Why...??
    June 21
  • Ajna

    Hi. I have a problem. On my account is showing missing information contact customer support. I have send them couple of enails but i did not get answer. My money was sent five days ago. Please help me..45621015 Payment.

    June 14
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Most likely the Payoneer team is still reviewing the payment. If you feel that your emails are going unanswered, I recommend you contact support directly to see what is happening with the payment.
  • syeda_mahi93
    Hi.!! Can you help me how can I get my payoneer card I orederd it so many times since JANURARY but I didn't receive it yet..
    June 14
    • Adam_Payoneer
      If you have trouble receiving the card, contact Payoneer support for assistance with your next card order and possibility change the shipping address for the next order.
  • kidd_brian

    I need my payment to be verified!!!!!!

    June 3
    • Adam_Payoneer
      If you submitted a payment and it is currently in the verification stage, you should get in touch with Payoneer support to get this done. Most likely an email was sent to you that will connect you directly with the payments team who will work with you to verify the payment you received.
  • cutie
    hello Adam! it doesn't show anything than submitted and once its submitted you can't edit it.can you please tell any other way to change the questionnaire please,thank you
    June 2
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Cutie,

      If you are unable to change the information submitted on your questionnaire, you can contact Payoneer support to resubmit it.

      Otherwise, begin receiving your payments and Payoneer will follow up with you on one of the payments reviews (which they will update the questionnaire for you afterwards).
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    May 23
  • basharsy19

    Can you answer my question on the ask community forum

    May 21
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Are you referring to the last topic from April 26th?
      You can comment in the thread you would like me to address with my username in the following format: @adam_payoneer so i can receive a notification and easily locate the thread you are referring too.
  • nandix

    Hello Adam. Thank you for replying to my question. I am outside of the US to be exact I am in St. Lucia. Is there a block on people trying to apply outside the US. Please help me I really need to sort this out asap

    May 21
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Nandix,

      There is no block. I also replied in the forum to explain further on the topic as I feel I may have not expressed myself correctly. Keep replying to the forum thread so we can stay on topic :)
  • salmanalvi

    Hello Adam my client lives in Dubai and I send the payoneer URL and suggest him to make an account on payoneer and after that when he receive his card and activate then how can my client reload his card because then my client send money to my payoneer card through his payoneer card how to make this possible kindly explain thanks
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    May 20
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hello Salmanalvi,

      Are you planning to receive payments from your client? Signing up for a Payoneer account should be done if you plan to receive payments for the services you are providing.

      If the client only plans to pay you through Payoneer and not receive commissions for services he is providing, you can send your client an email payment request. Through the email, your client will have a direct payment option to your account.

      You can read on how to utilize Payoneer's Billing Service on their FAQ page at
  • tahminaparvin
    hi adam, my account was blocked since 3 days. i send message from supportcentre, but they auto reply that"Applications for a Payoneer account undergo diligent review to ensure that they comply with our regulations and security standards. As a regulated financial services business, there are cases where we unfortunately cannot provide our service.
    Furthermore, we can sometimes ask for additional information or documents before we can approve an account. Please check your email to see if you received a request for further information regarding your account application. " but dont get any email.i cannot contact supportcenter live chat.beacause live chat want to login my account. but i can't can i approve my account.
    May 18
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi there,

      The auto generated reply is designed to assist with an inquiry when you submit a support ticket for the first time by providing you with information or asking of you for information to assist the Payoneer representative to assist you.

      Even if the automated response does not address your issue, replying to the automated response will ensure that a live representative will receive your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

      If you have yet to do that, I recommend you reply to the latest email you received from Payoneer in order for a live representative get back to you and assist you with the approval of your account.
  • DRTobin
    Hi Adam. I did think I could transfer balances I hold in one currency account to one of my different currency accounts - paying an exchange rate of cause - but it looks like this is not a facility provided. Is that really correct. I am not really sure what the powerful USP of PaYoneer is if it cannot do this. I don't see it can be that hard to build this in - why is this not part of the service?

    If I want to pay a supplier in USD from my EUR account can I do that? I think I can. If so can I make a payment to myself - say in USD from my EUR account - that would be an effective 'work-around'.

    Thank you.
    May 14
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Thanks for the feedback.

      The way Payoneer is different than other providers is that our service is purely focused on business to business and consumer to business whereas other platforms (ewallest for example) give you a self load option. Payoneer does not facilitate a self load service like other ewallets, however it is possible to pay directly to a Payoneer account holder through different methods.

      If you only plan to be a payeer of service and not a receiver, then you do not need to open up a Payoneer account. The Payoneer account holder needs to either send you a payment request or they will need to direct you via the method they are utilizing for collecting their pay.

      If you are receiving funds through Payoneer, it would be best to discuss with your suppliers the ability to pay in Euro to them rather than USD. Remember that converting the funds always includes a fee and at the moment there is no option at all to transfer Payoneer funds (between two account holders) from USD to Euro or vice versa.
  • pvgtbinoy

    Add bank account not shown. I am from india

    April 27
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Any account holder based in India who wishes to update their bank account details needs to contact Payoneer support so they can manually update the details.

      There is no option yet to do this yourself as an India based account holder, but it is something that will hopefully become available in the near future. No ETA on when this will be available.
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    April 15
  • Nigel

    Hello Adam,
    The bank code I got from my Jamaican bank is 'FCIBJMKN.' When I tried to add it to payoneer (signing up) it wont get accepted as letters. Can you look at my bank code above and tell me what it should be as 'numbers? I tried changing the code to numbers but (as numbers) it exceeds the 8 digit requirement. Help

    April 8
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Nigel,

      I can't assist you through the forums which is why I recommend you contact support directly to see why you are having trouble adding your details.

      I think that you might be accidentally adding the bank code in the area where you are being requested for your account number, but that's just me speculating.
  • amgad

    Hello Mr.adam

    I accidentally added an upwork funding source to the wrong payoneer account, (an account that I did not receive the card for it.)

    I have tried to contact support by phone and email but no one answers!

    I want to cancel this account and remove uppwork from the funding source.

    Thanks in advance

    March 28
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you own both Payoneer accounts, contact Payoneer and ask them to transfer the funding source from one account to another.
      Payoneer will remove the funding sources for very few reasons, which is why I recommend the step above as Payoneer will be more inclined to assist you in accessing your pay through one account rather than let you keep two accounts active.
  • MahmoudYousef
    i need some help my account application declined how to fix this and can i receive over seas bank transfer from my company or not ?
    March 24
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hello Moahmoud, if your application was declined you can contact Payoneer support directly so they can take a second look at your account.

      You can receive payments from companies that are based in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom through collection bank account details that Payoneer provides. Make sure to provide your payout company the details which are local to them, as international wires cannot be captured by the details Payoneer will provide to you.

      If the company offers a direct payout solution through Payoneer, you can connect them to your Payoneer account through your paying company online account.