Funding sources problem / Problem With Your Payoneer Card

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"Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with your Payoneer card. Please contact Payoneer support and refer to Payee ID tarik_hawamdeh"

I work as a freelancer at Upwork, I made Payoneer as a method of payment.
The problem is that here in my payoneer account, Upwork is not listed as a funding source. Also, I can't edit my method of payment at my Upwork Account.
I'm really stuck in this situation, I can't transfer my money
I contacted Payoneer staff many times but I didn't get any response. Can someone help or guide me to resolve this problem?
Thank you


  • TYT
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    I would thank Payoneer Custom Care for helping me to solve this problem.
    The problem was that I had two Payoneer accounts. The Payoneer custom care helped me to merge them into one account. and now it's working.
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    @TYT We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved.