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  • OmarMedhat
    Customer ID: 38128261
    24 окт
    • OmarMedhat
      REFERENCE NUMBER : # 201024-011046
    • OmarMedhat
      ANOTHER REFERENCE NUMBER: # 201024-011078
  • Agbleze
    Hello, i initiated a fiverr withdrawal since Oct 6th. Im yet to receive any mail with regards to the payment of the funded. I've contacted fiverr and they said the withdrawal was successful from their end. What's the issue?   Costomer ID: 17858376 
    20 окт
  • yasirarfat784

    Hello, good evening sir, payoneer asked me to resubmit documents and told me it will take upto 3 business days but now its 8th day of my resubmission of documents, kindly i have an upcoming transactions please approve my account so that i can use payments to increase my freelance business.

    15 окт
  • johnsonmcclurky12345
    can anyone from the support review my account please, my account is under review for so much time, I already submit all Document and take a selfie holding my ID with date as required by payoneer I hope if anyone from support staff can finish my account review and approve my account so i can start accepting payment its been more than a week
    Customer ID: 40216978
    10 окт
  • isamorales1220
    Hace un tiempo me hice cuenta en Payoneer, solicité mi tarjeta pero nunca di uso ni a la tarjeta ni a la cuenta. Al día de hoy me veo en la necesidad de usarla, pero mi tarjeta ya venció.

    Al ingresar a mi cuenta me percaté de que el saldo en USD dice "Saldo Bloqueado" y es de 0,00 ¿Se debe esto a que mi tarjeta está vencida? ¿Al recibir un pago a través de una compañía esto cambiará?

    Necesito de su guía y ayuda.
    8 окт
  • Sadekmiah123
    submit the document required for account and is still under review.
    Please kindly check the
    Account ID : 37051956
    Account name: Sadek Miah
    7 окт
  • carolfreire

    Help me please, I need you to answer the email, I have made all possible requests and so far my money is pending and you do not answer me

    6 окт
  • asadnoor123
    i want to cancel the pending transfer to my bank . because the bank information is not correct , can u help with that ?
    they keep putting me in verification process again and again , but i cant add verification document because the verification they asking for the bank is incorrect
    4 окт
  • oviyadesign

    My log in id 40104739.
    I opened payonner account on 24/09/2020.
    My bank account still in review please let us know how long it take or any issue with bank let us know will looking forward to do.
    Thank you

    3 окт
  • MariaVolcanes_14

    Hola cómo estás. Tengo un pago el próximamente y payoneer soporte solo me dice que debo esperar tres días y ya a pasado mucho tiempo y no deja de salir así necesitó ayuda porfavor necesito mi dinero urgente.

    2 окт
  • Lihviahaha

    I would like to know Because since September 22nd I sent a document and it is still under analysis? And also because there is no global payment service My client id: Cliente33577084

    My client id: 33577084

    1 окт
  • Rethyljane

    Hello! How can I trace my missing funds?

    30 сен
  • Aydemir
    My card request has been on pending approval since 18 of september.
    How do I know how long should it take to approve a card?
    29 сен
  • vasant_rajput
    Hello Payoneer Team,

    My last 2 payment status was Under review and it was around 15 days before my client has sent payment to my account.

    I dont have any issues with my account becuse before I have old payments received and I've never experienced this before.

    Here's the Details:

    - - - - - - - - - -
    Transaction ID: 219986115
    Paid Date: 15/09/2020
    Amount: 204.00 USD

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Transaction ID: 220660194
    Paid Date: 17/09/2020
    Amount: 108.55 USD

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Name: Vasantkumar Babuji Rajput

    Thank you
    29 сен
  • pol0012345
    Hello Sir Please Approve my pending payment it has been 7 days now I dont have any issues with my account and I've never experience this before. here's the Details:

    Transaction ID

    [email protected]


    Estimated load date (EST)
    23/09/2020 20:11

    Thank you so much!
    29 сен
  • Gbtechsolution01

    submit the document required for account and is still under review.
    Please kindly check the
    Account ID : 401449955
    Account name: oluwatobi oyedele

    28 сен
  • Gbtechsolution01

    I submit the document required for account and is still under review.
    Please kindly check the
    Account ID : 401449955
    Account name: oluwatobi oyedele

    28 сен
  • Sadekmiah123

    I also have the same issue Submitted the required things and it's about past 1year still the account is not approved. Please help me with this issue and get my account approved


    Customer ID37051956

    26 сен
  • Alicemedia
    I made a withdrawal to a bank account for some days now, the payment was tagged as pending and I am unable to reach out to customer support. I have submitted all the required documents. Can anyone help? Please treat as urgent.
    Here is the transaction ID -
    24 сен
  • Migadde_1_Allan
    hello payoneer...Here is my Customer ID 39013427.................My account hasnt been approved...i have provided all the documents i can even though am in a different country. some show that they have been approved and the others not yet....its been 3 months now and i think that since my account hasnt been approved please deleted my account using that customer Id above because i will travel to my home country once covid 19 is down and from there i will reapply.....maybe that will get my account approved faster but for now i have done all i can...all in all thanks for the good work u do for all the millions out there....

    23 сен
  • mentesnot
    I have submitted every necessary document i am waiting the approval for about 10 days I haven't received any emails what can I do to know the status of my application. Please advise. Thanks in advance customer ID: 39737359
    17 сен
  • Markie

    How to request for a Community Federal Savings Bank Account in order to link my payoneer account to paypal. I want to receive my payments.

    17 сен
  • umersyed1307
    I have submitted all the verification document on 3rd September 2020 but still my account not get verified.
    My payment got stuck and I have submitted multiple tickets regarding this matter but haven't hear anything so far from your end.
    15 сен
  • chevy_83

    Hi Gianmarco. Please follow up Payment ID 217784508. It's been 10days and still pending. Thanks

    15 сен
  • lwy0807
    Hi, I have submitted ticket to apply for a community federal savings bank account because I need need to link it with PayPal for receiving payment, as the First Century Bank account doesn't work.
    I have my credit card linked and verified with PayPal. Could you kindly help on it? Thanks
    my payoneer id: 36085911
    ticket ref: 200915-002716
    15 сен
  • ChrisDore
    I've got my economic stimulus payment in my account in USA and need it transfered to Barcelona. What can I do?

    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Best regards,
    Customer #39553313
    11 сен
  • mackstreet
    Hi, I need a Community Federal Savings Bank account so I can link my Paypal account to my Payoneer account. I have opened two tickets in over two weeks and I've gotten no response. I have a card linked to my Paypal account and it has been verified. This is getting a bit frustrating and I really need to transfer my money. Can you please help me? Thanks.

    Customer ID: 38566296
    Ticket#: 200905-010392
    9 сен
  • habibjion69

    Hi, I need help, it says that your account access appears to be restricted, how to solve this problem please, it's urgent.
    Full name: MD HABIBUR RAHMAN
    Date of birth: July 10 1997
    Your Customer ID is 39785735

    7 сен
  • Bhavyaarjun
    Hi. I don't have the "Global Payment Service" option under receive in my account. My Customer ID is 39335063. I need to apply for the Global Payment Service, I am ready to do the needful.
    Please look into these matters.
    7 сен
  • Chaubunhtha

    Tôi có thể nhận được thanh toán từ đối tác tôi không

    5 сен

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