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  • Akshita

    Recently my payment was released by appen and i got mail from payoneer that it will be credited in 3-4 business days but after 3-4 days i got mail from payoneer that my payment was not processed with my PayPal account which is linked with payoneer. And letter payoneer said to inform appen to use global payments services. i am unable to find in my payoneer dashboard the said global service payment link. Even there is no link of adding bank account.
    Kindly help.

    22 мар
  • zain007

    Hi, KazPayoneer. It's about the 4 digit payoneer code. Looking forward to having it in soonest. Thanks

    20 мар
  • joyantasaha_123

    Thanks for your response. I am amazed that payoneer first time approved my required verified documents . After that, they rejected my documents in second time and sent me mail to resend again. Please suggest me what and how should do I now?

    15 мар
  • giovanni1967
    inoltre mi sembra molto scorretto da parte di un vostro partner , AIRBNB, di non poter risolvere un problema ad una carta che voi consigliate nel loro sito come metodo di pagamento per i futuri ospiti. grazie
    12 мар
  • giovanni1967
    buonasera. vorrei eliminare il mio account e non ricevere più la vostra carta payoneer, visto che viene gestita molto male e serve a poco, inoltre mi è arrivata oggi 12/03/2019 una nuova tessera che non era stata da me ordinata e avendo ancora in uso la vecchia tessera che scade nel 2021. grazie vorrei una risposta al più presto, inoltre dovreste avere anche un contatto in italia. grazie ancora
    12 мар
  • brokenheart4256
    1 мар
  • şenay
    Selamlar ben haahi sitesinde yayincilik yapiyordum yanliz benim 3 aylik param yatmadi sitede bitti fissiondan yatiriliyordu payonere acil yardimci olursaniz sevinirm.
    28 фев
  • Ben_Meftah


    26 фев
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    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    20 фев
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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    20 фев
  • queenhanaa

    Can you help me please , i need to connect my PayPal with my Payoneer to withdraw my money but i need to change my USA bank account.

    6 фев
    • KazPayoneer
      Hi, sorry I've missed this. Can you send a personal message to me with this issue?
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    13 фев
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    4 фев

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