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  • MaryOthman

    I heard that Payoneer did some updating in 2020, including having account with no need for a local bank account, by opening an account on a broker site like and then it is linked with a Payoneer account.
    Please, can you provide me with links to sites that support the state of Libya?

    Март 13
  • keleaaron777

    Pls I want to change my payoneeer USD receiving accounts bank. And details

    My ID 35049459

    Март 12
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    Март 8
  • alamin0112m

    Hi Laura,
    Today i had 105.94$ but my possible withdraw 93$. Now available balance 12.94$ but why i can't full funds withdrawing ?

    Февраль 23
  • Kosemani50

    Hi Laura,
    Am a new user, I want to learn on how to send money from another payoneer account. I reside in Nigeria. I was inform that I need to receive fund first but I don't know how it will go

    Февраль 16
  • Aabid

    Hi Laura,
    Could you help me to find out my funds i can't wait other peoples getting there funds but still im on pending what's going on did i receive the funds or not? Im just worried about it too much im getting loss of promises to my partners could you guys please fix this matter ASAP?

    Customer ID:33280627
    Amount of withdrawal :406usd
    Date of withdrawal :29/01/2020

    Thank you

    Февраль 11
  • hamdikhaifa

    Hello, my ID 28947039

    Февраль 7
  • emma5

    Hi. Please can my inactive payooner account be reactivated. My customer id is 23233403. I need to receive funds.

    Февраль 3
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