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  • Margaret82monday

    I would like to cancel my pending transaction to my recipient account, this payment has been pending for more than 2months, I only have national ID but it was rejected because it was a paper slip not plastic. I am a Nigerian and the national ID card they offer is inform of a paper slip the plastic one is going to be available in 5 years, I don't know if the payonerr team can make an exemption for Nigerians because this is beyond our control. If nothing can be done about it I would like for my money to be refunded into my account because I don't have any other means of identification apart from my National ID which was rejected .

    29 окт
  • tunwanchalem

    Id 225644499 id 225645959 I wait 18 day help me please wait? My money

    28 окт
  • Theflash
    Hi, Laura. I write to you as I figured you are the only one solving our problems.
    I have ordered a card on Oct 22, the same day I sent my home address utility bill document to verify my address.
    The card is still pending, and it says it should take up to 3 business days, but a lot of time has passed, there is no chat or help support I can reach to, I wrote on the help support but no one came back to me.
    Once I click on the card in the app it says the card is active, so it is confusing. Can you please solve this so my card can be shipped? Thank you.

    Reference number: 201027-015857
    28 окт
    • Theflash
      Customer ID 28125537
  • jarobertwilson
    Hello Laura,

    My account is fully verified. I need help requesting Citi EUR account. In my account it still shows Wirecard.
    28 окт
  • Aygun
    My account stills under review for 8 days and I have a pending payment from Shutterstock since September 1. Kindly approve my payment
    customer ID 32101069
    24 окт
  • Muhammad_Waleed
    Hi there, actually I am having a problem with my account and I think it's because of a dual account issue. I was making an account using sign-up option but i was having problems with my IBAN number so I closed everything tab on my browser. After that, when i resolved my IBAN issue, i again used that Sign-up and put all the details from the start and created an account but when i tried to login it showed me i have dual account and i am not able to login because of a blocked account. I am trying for so long but nothing is working. I need a solution for this problem.

    I also received this mail:

    Dear Muhammad Waleed,

    Thank you for your recent application to Payoneer.

    We noticed that you already have an existing Payoneer account. Please note that Payoneer only allows one account per customer.

    To help us to understand why you applied for an additional Payoneer account, we’d appreciate it if you could complete this short survey.
    21 окт
  • gina_aulia01
    hy laura

    Why doesn't the payment from Appen go to my payoner account ?? I have filled in complete data and leverage, but until now there is still no change, and I do not receive payment, while the appenant party has made payments to my payoner account

    Customer ID 39527806
    14 окт
  • agjorgji
    Hello, I have ordered a prepaid card and it's been 6 days under the status pending approval...can you please help me with this?
    13 окт
  • sujanazahedi99
    My account stills under review for more tha10 days and I have a pending payment from Upwork since September 30. i can't understand what can i do please help me ,I need money. If you can't handle your services please return It now please
    10 окт
  • abdulhannan345
    Hi @LauraPayoneer
    I am a freelancer. That's why I opened a Payoneer account using my passport number because I am not yet 18 years old which is why I did not get the national ID card of Bangladesh. Due to which my Payoneer account has been blocked. I know my account has been blocked mainly because I am not yet 18 years old. But I have my Bangladeshi passport. I replied to Payoneer first email with a scanned copy of my passport. but my account not been unblocked yet. If you could help me in this matter, please.
    I really want to show my passport for unblocking my account. But I can't find any place to show my passport to support center.

    Thank you.
    7 окт
  • carolfreire

    Meu pagamento ainda está pendente. Aguardo vocês me ajudarem

    4 окт
  • asadnoor123
    i want to cancel the pending transfer to my bank . because the bank information is not correct , can u help with that ?
    they keep putting me in verification process again and again , but i cant add verification document because the verification they asking for the bank is incorrect
    4 окт
  • promoters4reals
    Hello guys please help me with my account my fund is in pending status since 2 week now nothing nothing please approve my account and guide me on everything I will really appreciate it my customer ID is 39979404
    Please help me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    2 окт
  • Mmentor
    Hi, i have been using payoneer without any problem until they requested to send them a photo id for verification since september 16 and it's still under review, why does it take it so long to review but the first time i had to verify my account it took them 5 min to verify
    Customer ID 32203897
    1 окт
  • Lihviahaha

    Hello Laura Payoneer! the global payment service option is not enabled, I have already contacted you through various means and none of you have resolved it, there is a lot of disrespect for that.I would like to know how this will be resolved, since my payment is about to arrive

    1 окт
  • Gbtechsolution01

    I submit the document required for account and is still under review.
    Please kindly check the
    Account ID : 401449955
    Account name: oluwatobi oyedele

    28 сен
  • Alicemedia
    I made a withdrawal to a bank account for some days now, the payment was tagged as pending and I am unable to reach out to customer support. I have submitted all the required documents. Can anyone help? Please treat as urgent.
    Here is the transaction ID -
    24 сен
  • Shimelis
    Global payment service option is not enabled
    HI Laura,
    I applied for Payoneer account August 27-2020. Identity and withdrawal banks approved since then. The global payment service option is not enabled. I am getting automated responses not helping me. I need the account details urgently to receive payments from Amazon (book sale).
    Please help me.
    Customer ID 39644178
    24 сен
  • Razina
    Hi Laura

    I was required to forward documents which was done on the 8th of September. It is now the 24th of September and it still shows "under review". Please advise as i have funds that are pending on this account. I have left several messages and tried to contact the online chat agents, unfortunately its been no joy.
    24 сен
  • skink

    Hi please help me .. I sent $230 dollars and the receiver can not produce the necessary documents they needed to verify their account, I want to reverse the money back to my account and I have been contacting customer support for the past 7 days ... the transaction ID is 220516609 .. please help me send back this money back to my account thank you

    23 сен

    Why is my transaction still pending ?? Its been a week now

    22 сен
  • romulian
    Hi Laura, I can't find my routing (ABA) number. Can you send it to me or tell me where to find it? Customer ID 37793725
    22 сен
  • Roble33809
    Hi, I have submitted ticket to apply for a community federal savings bank account because I need need to link it with PayPal for receiving payment, as the First Century Bank account doesn't work.
    I have my credit card linked and verified with PayPal. Could you kindly help on it? Thanks
    Customer ID: 39616727
    Ticket/Reference Number: 200908-026712
    18 сен
  • Akihi2


    I would like to follow up on my bank account verification. Four days have passed and my verification is still under review. My customer ID is 39592454.

    Hoping for an immediate response.

    18 сен
  • yougreatmood
    Laura, I need to add the following bank in Payoneer :Community Federal Savings Bank account.

    In order to be able to link usd PayPal account and Payoneer account

    can you help me with this?
    17 сен
  • bullykiko
    Hey Laura, please follow up Payment ID; 218033397. it's more than 5 business days. Thanks!
    17 сен
  • chevy_83

    Hi Laura, please follow up Payment ID 217784508. It's been 10days and still pending thanks

    15 сен
  • lwy0807
    Hi, I have submitted ticket to apply for a community federal savings bank account because I need need to link it with PayPal for receiving payment, as the First Century Bank account doesn't work.
    I have my credit card linked and verified with PayPal. Could you kindly help on it? Thanks
    my payoneer id: 36085911
    ticket ref: 200915-002716
    15 сен
  • hm8
    Hey there, I applied for a Payoneer account a while back and it got approved. But I can't seem to find "Global Payment Service" under the "Recieve" tab. Please help.

    My customer ID is: 38159373
    14 сен
  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!
    14 сен

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