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  • kalvinspartan
    Hello Payoneer support. I opened an account almost three years ago. Recently, I noticed that my account does not most functions that other accounts have and I would greatly appreciate if you updated my account
    15 сен
  • MaryGachara
    I submitted my document but only the identification was verified. Now I recieved payment but I'm required to verify supplier information yet I cannot find where I'm supposed to verify them at, Kindly help
    15 сен
  • Sudhir9273

    Hello, My global payment service have been disabled, what's process to active it. There are no receiving account in any currency. Message seem "you don't have any receiving accounts". Please solve it.
    My customer ID : 23372578

    15 сен
  • myo
    i submited my document but i dont get Global payment service yet. please kindly help
    14 сен
  • Wamlambez

    Hello Morga
    I have had my upcoming transactions pending since 8 September. I received mail to verify supplier information. I did so my ID had already been earlier approved. Kindly assist it's taking long.
    What does this mean verify the supplier information and can not be answered

    12 сен
  • Dianaaa

    Good morning, I have a payment pending since 05/09, I need to receive urgently, can you help me? Order on Payoneer 37099 - serie136710, Application Time 2019-09-05 10:35:50. Thanks for the help, I'm waiting.

    10 сен
  • Arusa_maqsood

    Please check. Why has my account not yet activated ?

    10 сен
  • Dianaaa

    Good afternoon, I have a payment pending since 05/09, I need to receive urgently, can you help me? Order on Payoneer 37099 - serie136710, Application Time 2019-09-05 10:35:50. Thanks for the help, I'm waiting.

    9 сен
  • xtera

    Hello, please check to unblock my card. I am disappointed with payoneer as blocked my card for “security”. Now can’t use and no one replies.

    6 сен
  • morga earned the 500 Comments badge.
    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    4 сен
  • Mahmoodnaz

    I'm from Iraq - Kurdistan Region and i want to get my Payooner MasterCard but my problem is how to ship it, here post offices quality are very bad, low and risky. Where you may get you packet in few months or even may never get it/lose it.
    But here is some shipping company in iraq that giving you US address to get your packet later they ship it to Iraq&Kurdistan very fast and with tracking.
    So my question is am i able to put those company's US shipping address when i put my real address at Billing address in my Payoneer account?

    2 сен
  • sammy1256

    Can payoneer track payment, have withdraw my funds from my payoneer account for the past 4weeks but

    1 сен
  • waqarzz
    i have recently provided clear copy again, and its rejected, its now two times, i tried my best to submit clear copy, i dont know why its rejected every time, if there is any other reason, please atleast inform
    31 авг
  • priceless92

    It is possible to receive funds form transferwise users to my euro payoneer account?

    29 авг
  • JuhSantanna

    Hello, I made a withdrawal on 26/08 and has not yet made the deposit in my bank account. Everything is correct, as I always make withdrawals for this account.

    28 авг
  • Sadopa2835
    I've been waiting for account approval for 21 days. my account number is 33106374
    26 авг
    How many times have I sent 2 different IDs. My account is still not approved. Money will be sent, GETTRANSFER will pay money but unfortunately, my payooner account was not approved because they could not send money ... !!!!!! I've sent mail many times and still has not returned me and my account is still not approved. shame on you!
    24 авг
  • morga earned the 5 Agrees badge.
    You received 5 Agrees. We like that.
    22 авг
  • khurrampakistan

    I send money from fiverr to payoneer 17 August
    And today till My payoneer account show pending

    22 авг
  • morga earned the 25 Likes badge.
    You received 25 Likes. You're posting some good content. Great!
    21 авг
  • morga earned the 5 Awesomes badge.
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    19 авг
  • Zohaibislam1993

    Please verify my account as it has been more than a week since I registered and received payment but it is still in pending status

    19 авг
  • abdouav01

    It's been more than 17 days now and my account is still pending approval. My account reads "Your USD Balance is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days."
    My ID 33030959
    pls help?

    18 авг
  • Jamie1

    Please I need help with my card, it's been blocked for quite some time now, and I have also applied for reactivation but up till now no reply, no response and it's stated in my request section that it has been received. Please help.

    15 авг
  • kinqbalin

    please approve my money, going to 2 weeks, very bad and worst.

    12 авг
  • sohelreza


    6 авг
  • oahmed

    I need change the bank to bank federal savings bank

    31 июл
  • alimamsy

    Please check 190729-015540

    30 июл

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