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  • yasirarfat784

    Hello, good evening sir, payoneer asked me to resubmit documents and told me it will take upto 3 business days but now its 8th day of my resubmission of documents, kindly i have an upcoming transactions please approve my account so that i can use payments to increase my freelance business.

    15 окт
    • Kawtharh
      Mine has been 3 months!
  • Kawtharh

    Hi morga
    I joined 3 months ago until now I still don't have my US or UK accounts set up on my acct
    . I sent my national ID and pp when I registered. Can you fix this, I need it for my business

    19 окт
  • dominikkledzinski
    I did a mistake in my date of birth and my account is locked when i have balance of money on it. i can't log to my account, when im trying to contact the support, or make a ticket im getting auto replies about creating new account... help me... pls
    17 окт
  • notmyusername15
    Im new t o Payoneer and I had upwork transfer my funds to my Payoneer account on the 7th of October. However, those funds are still "pending". I realize that there are some verification documents that I needed to provide to get my payments approved and so I already provided those documents on the 15th of August. However, when i go in the verification centre it says that my documents are still "pending approval". Please fix this issue as I have been trying to get in touch with your customer support team as well. I understand that you all must be very busy but I did not expect this level of service from Payoneer.
    Please respond back at the soonest.
    14 окт
  • gina_aulia01
    hallo morga

    Why doesn't the payment from Appen go to my payoner account ?? I have filled in complete data and leverage, but until now there is still no change, and I do not receive payment, while the appenant party has made payments to my payoner account

    Customer ID 39527806
    email : [email protected]
    14 окт
  • ttm
    Hello morga,

    Could you please help to see why my account can't find "Global Payment Service" ? My customer ID is: 2721128
    Appreciate your help.

    10 окт
  • Lihviahaha

    Hello Morga!
    I need to know when @payoneer will answer me and solve my problem, I have a document under analysis since the 22nd and nothing so far. I will withdraw my payoneer account

    1 окт
  • Arsi316
    Hi sir,

    I requested a payment a week ago from my client. They paid the amount but despite that I have not received the amount yet. It says "payment is being processed" with the ETA 1-5 days max. Today counts as the 7th day and I have no idea why I am not getting the payment. Kindly help me out because the live chat is not assigning me an agent to talk to, nor am I getting any email support.

    Payment ID: 222109495
    Request ID: 4910021

    I would be grateful if you looked into my case. Thank you!
    30 сен
  • Sifat
    There are two bank accounts in my Payoneer account. One is approved and one is unapproved. The unapproved bank account details: DUTCH BANGLA BANK LTD (017*****9673).
    So I want to delete the unapproved bank account. please help me with that.
    29 сен
  • sgumilang

    Please apporve my transaction, approve all pending stuff going on in my account. I need my money for my family.

    My ID is 9446404
    The pending transaction ID is 222145872

    Thank you

    26 сен
  • pol0012345
    Hello Admin Please Approve my Payment to it is still under review and I've never experience this before but now it occurs. Please Help thank you! this are the details:

    Transaction ID
    [email protected]
    Estimated load date (EST)
    23/09/2020 20:11
    26 сен
  • dominikkledzinski
    I want to prove that i'm over 18, (i can't send answer on the email) because my account got locked. Customer ID: 39187858
    26 сен
  • ardhigrafts
    Hi I don't have the Global Payment Service option available. Customer ID 40010329
    25 сен
  • shahin0541
    I have submitted all the verification documents 6 months ago but still my account not get verified, why..?
    Can I now transfer money to my account?
    Please solve it.
    24 сен
  • Razina
    Hi Morga

    Please attend to my account as i have submitted documents early this month but it still states "under review". I have funds that are pending.
    24 сен
  • Mrlas

    Hi @morga,
    Hope you are doing alright!
    In my payoneer account I have completed the verifications but I can't find
    Global payment service under my receive tab, please help me fix this problem.
    My customer ID:36242084
    Thanks for considering my request

    23 сен
  • mentesnot
    I have submitted every necessary document i am waiting the approval for about 15 days I haven't received any emails what can I do to know the status of my application. Please advise. Thanks in advance customer ID: 39737359
    22 сен
  • mohamedyounees
    I want to have a bank account known as "Community Federal Savings Bank" to link it to PAYPAL bank. I want to get it as soon as possible.
    Note that the personal account in PAYONEER has "MASTERCARD" activated
    My data:
    Name: Mohamed Younes
    Customer ID: 35779275
    Email: [email protected]
    Thank you.
    22 сен
  • nathankapininga
    I am an eBay seller and I would like to connect my Payoneer bank account to my Paypal account. The only way to do that is with the Community Federal account. Can you please add a Community bank account to my existing checking account? it would help a lot.

    Your Customer ID: 28755210
    Reference Number: 200907-023981
    9 сен
  • mutingu
    Hello Morgan, I have been trying to get my payments from amazon associates to my account and it has not been possible. please advise what could be the problem.
    6 сен
  • angel23
    Hello @Morga! I got almost same issue as his, but in my verification history it was approved but still my client can't send the payment because payoneer still need to be verified.

    Kindly check my Payoneer Account, here's my payoneer Customer ID 39665876.
    Hopefully to connect with you soon.

    5 сен
  • Muhammad_Ayub
    Hi, I have updated my address, but the payer has not been responding on my behalf for a long time. I have mailed you so many times but no one responds to me, Kindly help me! I Shall be very thankful to you for this favor.? but not respond please help me, i have money, my fiverr account i want withdraw my money,

    Customer ID 39199683
    4 сен
  • Talib29727565
    Hi @morga
    Actually I have a serious issue with my payments. About 1 year ago on 30/1/2019, I withdraw payment from the Fiverr to Payoneer. Now, one year is passed but my transaction is still pending. Kindly look at my Account and tell me why my transaction is still pending?. I have mailed you so many times but no one responds to me, Kindly help me! I Shall be very thankful to you for this favor.
    Here is the payment details:
    Customer ID: 29727565
    Payment from. Fiverr
    Amount. 56$
    Fiverr ID. arslan04-43340845
    Transaction ID. 112387074
    Status. Pending
    3 сен

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